Big data and shared data with more creativity, more profitability and less noise

Big data, open data, shared data and technologies of collaboration have a great impact on human cognition, creativity, productivity, relationships and businesses.

We help people at looking into data risks, opportunities, principles and peculiarities with a strategic, creative and productive focus, strengthened by understanding of sustainability, liabilities and cyber security challenges.

For instance, we provide:

  • requirements: we write specifications for products, processes or people development programmes that use shared data for a variety of purposes and applications, either high-tech or low-tech, in a great number of standards and technical frameworks;
  • strategic and creative advice: we support boards development programmes with our exclusive Pro Boards service; marketing, communication and intellectual property programmes with our brands, trademarks and internet names service; data mining, analytics and programmatic developments with our unique MAT rules service;
  • intelligence on information security matters: for digital commerce applications and infrastructures we provide information about supply chains and social media networks through our original Contracts Cleaner formula. We also design and implement bespoke, investigative record-keeping and data cleansing services like Payrolls Analytics;
  • communication, training and education: we design and develop Computer Based Assessment applications for assessement self-assessment and edutainment; we design and lead tailored training sessions; we provide printed on demand guidance with our self-published GOD series of publications about big data literacy.
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