icm2re logo. icm2:re (I Changed My Mind Reviewing Everything) is an ongoing web column by Brunella Longo

This column deals with some aspects of change management processes experienced almost in any industry impacted by the digital revolution: how to select, create, gather, manage, interpret, share data and information either because of internal and usually incremental scope - such learning, educational and re-engineering processes - or because of external forces, like mergers and acquisitions, restructuring goals, new regulations or disruptive technologies.

The title - I Changed My Mind Reviewing Everything - is a tribute to authors and scientists from different disciplinary fields that have illuminated my understanding of intentional change and decision making processes during the last thirty years, explaining how we think - or how we think about the way we think. The logo is a bit of a divertissement, from the latin divertere that means turn in separate ways.

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Health literacy and change management in the treatment of autoimmune diseases

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Engineering change in nutrition

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About being an e-learning entrepreneur

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Milestones from the archive

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About the business model for online contents

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About public consultations and the home buying and selling process in 21st Century Britain

5.12 | December 2016 Is success in the connections you make?

Temporary conclusions on governance of relationships

4.11 | November 2015 Personas in search of an author and the ecstasy of agile requirements

About the tipping point question for digital designers

3.3 | March 2014 Watch that change that changes anything!

About managing interdependencies through a collaborative scheduling policy

2.4 | October 2013 Are you really sure you've got two ideas?

About the illusion of gaining insights and ideas just sharing access to information

1.2 | December 2012 Britishness for professionals

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