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This column deals with some aspects of change management processes experienced almost in any industry impacted by the digital revolution: how to select, create, gather, manage, interpret, share data and information either because of internal and usually incremental scope - such learning, educational and re-engineering processes - or because of external forces, like mergers and acquisitions, restructuring goals, new regulations or disruptive technologies.

The title - I Changed My Mind Reviewing Everything - is a tribute to authors and scientists from different disciplinary fields that have illuminated my understanding of intentional change and decision making processes during the last thirty years, explaining how we think - or how we think about the way we think. The logo is a bit of a divertissement, from the latin divertere that means turn in separate ways.

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The benefits of disagreement

How to give your team an antidote to groupthink

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Longo, Brunella (2016). The benefits of disagreement. How to give your team an antidote to groupthink. icm2re [I Changed my Mind Reviewing Everything ISSN 2059-688X (Print)], 5.11 (November).

How to cite this article?
Longo, Brunella (2016). The benefits of disagreement. How to give your team an antidote to groupthink. icm2re [I Changed my Mind Reviewing Everything ISSN 2059-688X (Online)], 5.11 (November).
Full-text accessible at http://www.brunellalongo.co.uk/

To the Italian librarians and other information officers working in public, academic and corporate organisations who attended my online course 'Reference on line' between 1999 and 2003.

London, 4 March 2017 - In Chapter 23 of my forthcoming book 99 STARS I refer to a training programme I designed, among other courses, in the late 1990s. It was aimed at officers working in reference, so called 'Ask-A' and enquiries services. The originality of it consisted in a new approach to what is known as triage process: I managed to transfer to the participants what I had learned applying Herbert Simon's theory of problem representation and administrative behaviour, besides over ten years of insight into Bayesian logic (that consisting in 'hands on' information retrieval techniques, tactics, product design tips and users' feedback). More than ten years later the lessons we learned particularly through one of the exercises I designed, the title of which was 'The top ten of disagreement', have become matter of academic experiments and literature on social learning so that I had the extraordinary opportunity to review it and include it in my collection of case histories on competencies and skills in the digital age.

Of course we had few traditionalists librarians (who, by the way, would never deal with information enquiries anyway) pointing the whole experience as outrageous, but overall the results were stunning in terms of rapid (in just two weeks) acquisition of practical procedural knowledge useful to deal with informational problems. That first exercise confirmed that how we analyse and categorise information problems is indeed the crucial moment of the whole process and it also determines the perceived consistency and quality of the responses given by the organisation, at least as much as the way in we communicate and interact with each other. Unfortunately, in its original formulation, the 'Top ten of disagreement' does not scale easily and would not be manageable and effective with more than fifteen or twenty people at a time but I tried to redesign it for an imaginary large scale 'big data' governance experiment. Here is how it looks.


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