3T - Turning the tide. A taxonomy of cybercrime

London, Online Data Assessment, 2015. 88 p. (Guidance On Demand, 2).
ISBN: 978-0-9932214-1-5. Price* £ 40.00 - € 54.00


With Turning the tide Brunella Longo applies consolidated principles and techniques from the world of classificationists and controlled languages, plus some innovative ideas, to a sector in which standardisation of terminology is a key success factor for effective collaboration and data sharing.

Moving from the documentary base analysed and discussed through previous articles and books - Cataloguing the unfindable, Mind the BYOD Gap, Learning on the Wires - the 3T taxonomy goes beyond the boundaries and invisible walls of different jurisdictions, cultural traditions and legitimate national interests and fills a gap of common tools in the international fight against cybercrime.

The taxonomy is tailored to the needs of diverse communities of national and international professionals interested in a factual and documentary approach to the subject (legal professionals, police authorities, cybercrime researchers and criminologists, policy-makers) but nothing prevents librarians, software developers, publishers, statisticians to experiment the use of the 3T taxonomy as a bibliographic and indexing tool.

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