I'm not Karen. Big Data and Information Literacy

London, Online Data Assessment, 2015. 88 p. (Guidance On Demand, 3).
ISBN: 978-0-9932214-2-2. Price* £ 20.00 € 27.00


What qualities we consider valuable when we look for information through the world wide web? What criteria should give us an assurance that the data pulled from the open internet are reliable and useful? Do big data applications present any special "safety" clue we should look at when developing or accessing information through data mining and analytics software? Is there any general rule that applies to quality assessment of the information available online?

Brunella Longo answers these fundamental questions with the easiness, the robustness and the practical guidance of an expert who has been researching, shaping, applying and teaching online research techniques and media literacies for thirty years.

She presents analysis and advice on a grid of seven general criteria she has found relevant for data and information appraisal across several sectors. For each criterion, starting with the Identity one that has inspired the title, I'm not Karen elaborates definitions and provides evidences, examples and references aimed at research and educational experts, communication, media and information officers, software designers and developers, policy making experts, regulators and the general public.

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