Guidance on demand

Guidance on demand is a series of publications printed on demand aimed at responsible professionals and general users of information technologies and services.

Each volume presents a theoretical framework and practical solutions to address data, information and knowledge management problems effectively and consistently across different sectors.

Plain english, simple and clear analysis, solid research grounds and practical solutions and ideas are accompanied by abundant exemplifications and very well selected references.

Available now:

  1. Cataloguing the unfindable. 2nd edition, 2015
  2. 3T - Turning the tide. A taxonomy of cybercrime, 2015
  3. I'm not Karen. Big Data and Information Literacy, 2015
  4. Knowdging [forthcoming 2018]

How did it start?

"At a certain point as a reflective practitioner and independent scholar and author - writes Brunella Longo in the introduction to Cataloguing the unfindable - I started thinking and designing data and information management solutions as stratified answers to problems that, at first, appear very different in the light of different disciplines or sectors - or simply because of the need to adapt to the latest innovative technology. But when you analyse them in detail you see they often present the same cognitive and organisational challenges.

If you apply a set of standard principles and solutions consistently you can then concentrate on the most ambitious demand of our time - that is how we create new value and growth in the digital economy in sustainable ways. In sum, like in geology, it seemed to me that in information management we have to approach new challenges with the principles of horizontality at first, sometimes crushing boundaries between disciplines and corporative interests. And in that I have found an immense resistance among peers and above all among academics and publishers. So I said myself... let's go self-published!