icm2re logo. icm2:re (I Changed My Mind Reviewing Everything) is an ongoing web column by Brunella Longo

This column deals with some aspects of change management processes experienced almost in any industry impacted by the digital revolution: how to select, create, gather, manage, interpret, share data and information either because of internal and usually incremental scope - such learning, educational and re-engineering processes - or because of external forces, like mergers and acquisitions, restructuring goals, new regulations or disruptive technologies.

The title - I Changed My Mind Reviewing Everything - is a tribute to authors and scientists from different disciplinary fields that have illuminated my understanding of intentional change and decision making processes during the last thirty years, explaining how we think - or how we think about the way we think. The logo is a bit of a divertissement, from the latin divertere that means turn in separate ways.

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London, 14 December 2020 - This subject index is under maintenance and not up to date so if you want to go back to an article you have read in the past two or three years you may not find this page particularly helpful. It is strongly suggested you browse the chronological indexes also to have an overview of the topics I wrote about year after year.

Since late 2018 (volume 7 of icm2re), I have been looking for a reliable automatic indexing, classification or clustering alternative I could easily implement, providing also IAB taxonomy categories and tags according to various schemes, besides my own, easy to cross reference, that could make sense for different audiences, enrich the content's discoverability or at least do not penalise the publication with search engines results - as it is often now, with some articles and pages appearing as they were endorsed by anonymous SEOs or sponsors and other very difficult to make visible through SERPs.

While the availability of summarisation software and text analytics - not to mention the field of automatic sentiment analysis applied to social media feeds and web pages - is abundant and interesting, I have not been able to find a solution to my actual specific indexing specification so far and therefore I have committed myself to review and reindex all the articles manually, using the metadata keywords tag within the articles as an additional aid, by the end of 2020. I am afraid that the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic has jeopardised, among other things, also my re-classification commitment. However the plan stands and the subject index will be surely reviewed and republished with updates, hopefully by the first half of 2021.

In the meantime, please if you have any idea, proposal or offer concerning the matter please send it to me at my icm2re@gmail.com email address. Please note that non pertinent, unsolicited publicity of services and products that do not satisfy the above requirement will be inexorably classified as spam, so it is advisable you resist such unwise temptation. Thank you.