Who I am

Brunella Longo is an information management adviser and problem solver with over 30 years of experience spanning several public and private research, communication and intelligence environments. She is also a qualified management consultant and project manager.

Brilliant communicator, energyzing and efficient team leader, Brunella Longo advises organisations and individuals on how to make the most of the open data and big data revolutions for the long term success of their businesses. With Online Data Assessment, Brunella offers advice, specifications, directions, communication and training services for engineering of data management activities and management of IT, media or customer services projects.

Enfant prodige and self made woman, Brunella has pioneered, designed, implemented and managed applications of information and communication technologies across several industries and functions for a variety of projects including library automation, information retrieval and search engines, marketing and sales, education, training and e-learning, cyber security infrastructures and research and development.

She has investigated and anticipated best practices in IT services and applications, information behaviours and information design for three decades: the use of computers and databases in libraries and archives services in the 1980s, the introduction of internet for knowledge management and advertising since the early 1990s, the developments of social media and social network analysis for information sharing, policies and cyber security since 2003 - and more to come.

Versatile and flexible, a natural talent as a self-starter and a creative thinker, Brunella has been championing continuous professional development since the early beginnings of her career.

As an independent scholar, she authors and publishes books, professional articles and instructional materials on information management and data engineering. Brunella's independent scholar research is all about findings, evidence and directions on the subjects she has been dealing with over the years, leading new solutions to organisational problems and inventing or pioneering new ideas in information and knowledge management practices and internet and media studies: Information governance, Information search process, Cyber security, Digital economy, information and media literacies.

She published her first book about automation of libraries and archives in 1983 (Le basi dell'automazione in biblioteca, her dissertation thesis), followed by a handbook on online databases commissioned by AIB, the Italian Association of Libraries (Banca Dati) in 1993, an essay on publishing businesses in the digital economy (La nuova editoria) in 2001 - besides several articles, papers and instructional materials. From 2010 on, she has embraced new self-publishing formats and licensing agreements including Online Data Assessment's "Guidance On Demand" series.

As an internet consultant, designer and contractor Brunella Longo has invented and authored new web formats and contents for IT, communication and educational projects on behalf of large corporate clients, central government, local authorities and universities. She worked in library, documentation, competitive intelligence and research roles for 13 years, before setting up in Milan, in 1995, Panta Rei, the first italian consultancy focussing on internet and digital markets, information behaviours, search technologies and W3 languages for communication and educational purposes. In the late 1990s she started-up also a training and development facility, called Palestra Internet, that evolved in the first italian information literacy and e-Learning agency.

Many Panta Rei and Palestra Internet past projects are documented through Brunella's publications, The Internet Archive and other public repositories. Here is the list of Brunella Longo's Panta Rei and Palestra Internet Italian Customers between 1995 and 2008. A post-project review of the Palestra Internet case is described in a paper available here (The missing business case: rise and fall of an information literacy training programme, 2011).

In 2007-2008 Brunella Longo closed down both Panta Rei and Palestra Internet due to the sudden and abrupt de-commissioning of public projects and the contemporary lack of private demand that preceded the economic recession. She moved to London, where she was invited by the late Bob McKee, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, to introduce formats and information services for the booming social media sector and the integration of library, archives and museums and she launched in 2011 her own methodology, "Data Project Management", principles and guidelines of which are published through the series "Guidance On Demand": a short visual presentation on the subject is available here.

Brunella is a Member of: the Institution of Engineering and Technology, the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society, the Long Distance Walkers Association, the British Humanist Association.